Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10mm Auto Dominance - Razor Dobbs

The 10mm handgun is so awesome because it was designed that way – designed to be a stopper – a neutralizer of what’s trying to kill you or a dinner collector. Everything about the 10mm screams perfect. The FBI kicked it to the curb years ago, but it wasn’t because of lack of performance or lack of street proven stopping power, it was because “some” of the agents didn’t like the recoil. The 10mm recoil has never bothered me one bit. I don’t get it.

Anyway, when you brake down the 10mm auto you basically have the same knockdown as a .41 Mag revolver – a tried and true big game stopper and home improvement tool. I got my first 10mm back in the fall of 1995. Having a CCW I carried/carry the full sized handgun everyday. It went everywhere from downtown to the woods. I hunted with it also killing hogs, goats, deer, elk, rams, whitetail, axis etc. It’s a knock down bandit that shoots flat at over 1200 fps (and even faster with performance ammo) . The Dan Wesson RazorBack 10 has to be the best 10mm auto available for common carry and hunting. I’ve never been a big fan of the 1911, but in the 10mm, it seems like it was made for the 1911 frame. The Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm is a 100 yard gun. No joke. Put it on a sand bag and go for it. Open sights. I’ve killed hogs off hand at 45 and 50 yards with it, a ram off sticks at 75 and an elk off sticks at 55 yards (not to mention all the other game from 30 to 2 yards. If you ever saw the RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE intro (before NBC banned it) when I shot the hog at point blank – that was a 10mm.

I practice with my 10mm’s of course but I never worry about the gun – it’s perfect, I’m the one that’s flawed. I gotta be smooth with the trigger and follow through. Since I started shooting the Dan Wesson RZ-10 model two years ago, I’ve got more confidence in shooting big game than ever. That gun has proven to be very forgiving and deadly accurate. I’ve shot different sorts of ammo at different grains and it all seems to work spectacular. It’s been 17 years since I first pulled the trigger on a 10mm and I’m now more excited about it than ever. It’s an exciting new dynamic to an old experience. Go for it.


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