Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Gun Does Razor Dobbs Like to Carry?

>RAZOR DOBBS: I have carried all sorts of handguns over the years from auto’s to revolvers. Some full size some compact. Of course, in the early days, I carried full sized Glock 10mm’s, model 29 baby Glocks and model 19 9mm’s, etc.. I’ve also carried the Wathler PPK/S in .380 which is a cool piece but I always wanted more gun. In the 90’s I carried, at times, a Taurus .357 Mag revolver. The .357 is really a great caliber!

For the past 5 or so years I’ve been carrying Dan Wesson’s and CZ’s. In the Dan Wesson 1911 realm it’s been the Razorback-10 10mm. I love this handgun for personal protection and for hunting. The best shooting 10mm I’ve ever shot or hunted with. It’s full size but with the right holster it’s very concealable. But the ultimate combat 10mm is the Dan Wesson Titan Elite auto. This piece is flat out amazing. High capacity 1911 holding 14 plus 1. This high capacity in the 1911 is it not found anywhere in the big caliber autos. And the accuracy is just a dream. Unmatched.

In the 9mm world I’ve carried the CZ 75B. Really a sweet shooting gun and very fun. It’s fast as hell on the steel targets and it feels natural.

I prefer the 10mm over any caliber but in second place would be the .40 cal. In the .40 cal I totally dig the CZ P07 Duty. Really a smart design. I chose the decocker over the safety and I love it. This gun is very fast and very reliable. I hate cleaning guns and this handgun seems to really take lots of abuse and keeps on firing. It’s combat ready. If all hell breaks loose, I’ll feel confident that I’m carrying this hi capacity, reliable .40 -Razor Dobbs

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